Aquarius Holdings Ltd. is sponsored by ADCECO GROUP in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Aquarius was set up in 1994 to develop a low cost and environmentally friendly system for transporting potable water in bulk using flexible polyurethane bags. The concept of using polyurethane bags to transport potable water was pioneered in the 1980's in conjunction with two British University research teams. The Water Bags are manufactured in South of England and have been tested by independent and governmental laboratories as being suitable for use with potable water. They currently operate with:

8 water bags of 720 metric tons each
4 water bags of 2000 metric tons each

Since 1997 Aquarius has been delivering potable water in bulk to the Greek Islands using polyurethane Water Bags. Aquarius has been operating in the Port of Piraeus for the last four years with fully quipped installation tanks and storage facilities.

Specialists in the bulk transfer of potable water in the fields of:

Disaster Relief

The Aquarius System of Potable Water Transmission:

Aquarius Water Bags take the place of tankers in the bulk transfer of potable water by sea/river over short to medium distances. Tugs are used to tow the Water Bags to the main water supply on the shoreline.

Aquarius are transporting drinking water in Abu Dhabi from Mirfah to Delma Island and Sir Bani Yas Island daily.

Their offices are based in United Kingdom and Greece.

Address in U. K.:
Aquarius Holdings Ltd.
PO Box 63
Filton House, Clifton, St. Peter Port, Guernsey

Tel.: (+44) 1481 7 16 466
Fax: (+44) 1481 7 16 566

Address in Greece:
Aquarius Holdings Ltd.
53 Filonos Street
185 35 Piraeus

Tel.: (+30) 1 422 17 15 -6
Fax: (+30) 1 422 17 17

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